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Things to do in Nandyal

Have you ever thought what would have happened if there was no weekend? Well its practically impossible to live a routine life. That’s the reason we do something to make us happy and get away from our routine life. Some people prefer travelling while others might enjoy watching a movie with their friends and family, depending on the nature of the person. There are always many options in front of us to enjoy and we go with our nature and pick one or few of the options to enjoy these moments called life.
Nandyal offers many options for everyone to enjoy, no matter what kind of person you are, there is something for everybody to enjoy. Let us explore these things to enjoy in Nandyal:

Nava Nandis Tour

Nava nandis are the most famous tourist attraction of Nandyal. Everyone who is travelling to Nandyal must visit the Nava Nandis. The  tour include the visit to Nava Nandis or nine temples including Garudanandi, Suryanandi, Krishnanandi, Vinayakanandi, Shivanandi,  Prathamanandi, Naganandi , Somanandi and the most famous Mahanandi. The tour can be covered in half day if one starts at 6:00 in the morning. To complete the tour you must follow this route by first visiting Prathama Nandi as it is near to Nandyal Railway Station and then Naga Nandi, Surya Nandi, Shiva Nandi, Soma Nandi,Vishnu (Krishna) Nandi, Garuda Nandi, and Vinayaka Nandi and Mahanandi Temple.

Eating in Nandyal

Whenever we visit some new place, eating out becomes our necessity as well as desire, as different places are famous for different cuisines. Some of the famous cuisine of Nandyal region include Alsandala vada, Peetala Kura, Ulava Charu, Sajja Roti, Jonna Roti, Ragi Sankanti and Rava Laddoo. Let us take a look at some of the famous eating places in Nandyal:

Places to eat in Nandyal

Rajadhani Bar & Restaurant

It is one of the most famous places among youngsters. The place is located opposite one town police station, which makes it safe for even women to go and have a drink. The best thing about the place is that it is not very expensive and serves nice drinks and food.
Address:Opp Two Town Police Station, Nandyal HO, Nandyal - 518501
Phone: (08514) 221122

Annapurna Bar & Restaurant

Just like Rajdhani Bar & Restaurant, Annnapurna Bar & Restaurant is another famous place among youngsters to hangout and have a drink. The place is inexpensive and you will get a drink or food within a range of INR 350. Address: RS Road, Nandyal HO, Nandyal - 518501
(08514) 329781

Shopping in Nandyal

Well for most, shopping is one of the most important part of any trip. They like to collect jewellery, antiques, handicrafts, souvenirs and many other things from all of the places they visit and Nandyal has all of these things on offer for all of these shopping addicted ladies. Let us take a look at some of the shopping places of Nandyal:

SPY Reddy Super Market

This is the most famous mall of Nandyal and usually you can find all the people of the city during the weekends at the mall. It offers all the shopping related facilities including branded and non-branded things at one stop. A lot of cinema halls and restaurants are located near the mall, making it a proffered hanging out spot for everyone.

One Town Area

One town area of Nandyal is situated very near to the Main Bazaar and is famous for its Jewelers. All kinds of jewellery can be found here. If you are willing to buy authentic gold and silver jewellery in some great designs, I would recommend this place for the same. Artificial jewelry can also be purchased here.

Other places to Shop

Apart from the SPY Reddy Super Market and One Town Area, there are many places in Nandyal where you can shop for your required or desired things. Balaji Complex, Main Bazaar and Byrmal Street stands at top in the list of shopping places in Nandyal. You can find each and everything in these markets. Street shopping is also famous at the place and many things such as handicrafts, jewelry and religious books can purchased from these places.

Shopping Places in nandyal

Trekking in Nandyal

Nandyal is surrounded by dense Nallamalla Hills, which makes it a perfect trekking spot for youngsters. Time has changed a lot and now a days kids and youngsters are more attracted towards adventure sports rather than normal sports such as cricket and football. Trekking is a famous activity among them as it’s a group practice and also has great benefits for your health. Trekking in Nandyal can be done on your own o with the help of some guide.

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