Chemists in Nandyal

Medical store is the place where people get the drugs prescribed by the doctor for treatment of the ailments. In today’s polluted world, we are always surrounded by various kinds of bacteria, which are the main reason of the most of the diseases. Hence chemists play a very important role in our daily life. Not only they provide the medicines prescribed by the doctor but they also help us by suggesting a drug themselves in case of emergency and normal ailments including cold, fever, cough, headache, stomachache etc., as we usually don’t visit to the doctor for such diseases.

Chemists in Nandyal

Nandyal has many chemist shops in the city. Some of them are located within the hospital and some of them are located outside the hospital all around the city. They offer all kind of drugs including allopathic and ayurvedic. Most of the medical stores are open throughout the day except Apollo Pharmacy which is a 24 hour service provider for the city. There are some specialized medical stores in the city which provides only ayurvedic medicines for the patients. Here is the list of both allopathic as well as ayurvedic medical shops of the city:

List of Medical Shops in Nandyal

Apollo Pharmacy
2/397-1, Sowjanya Complex, N K Road,
Nandyal, Nandyal HO, Nandyal - 518501
Phone: (08514) 248870

Lalitha Medicals
Near Atmakur Bus Stand Opp Durgah,
 Nandyal HO, Nandyal - 518501
Phone: 9949389639

Subash Medical Store
Beside C.t Scan Centre, Dwaraka Hotel, R.S. Road,
R S Road, Nandyal - 518501
Phone: 9989486877

Jyothi Sri Medical Fancy Corner
Nandyal, Poltechnic College Road,
Nandyal – 518501

Vigneswara Medicals
2-428-10,Balaji Complex,
Opp: nandi Departmental Stores,
Nandyal HO, Nandyal - 518501
Mobile: 9866008103
Phone: (08514) 243736

Gaffar Medical Stores G.A
3-217, Byrmal Street, Nandyal - 518501
Phone: (08514) 220191

Sree Rama Lakshmi Medical And Fancy Store
Mulasangaram Center, R S Road, Nandyal - 518501
Phone: 9848458365

Gayatri Medical & Surgicals
25/150, Sanjeev Nagar Opp Ramalayam,
Nandyal HO, Nandyal - 518501
Mobile: 9440930323
Phone: (08514) 244599

SRI Vijayadurga Medical & Fancy Store
Shop No.25,26, N.t.r.m Complex, Sreenivasa Centre,
Balaji Complex, Nandyala - 518501
Phone: 9291193739

Ayurvedic Medicine Shops in Nandyal

Venkappa Ayurvedic Stores
Main Road, Nandyal HO, Nandyal - 518501
Phone: (08514) 242767

Venkappa Ayurvedic Agencies
Balaji Complex, Bypass Road,
Nandyal HO, Nandyal - 518501
Phone: (08514) 245226

Venkappa Sons
Main Bazar, Nandyal HO,
 Nandyal - 518501
Mobile: 9290192593
Phone: (08514) 243689, 243637

Sirigiri Medical Hall

47a Balaji Complex,
Nandyal HO, Nandyal - 518501
Phone: (08514) 243241

Danvantri Ayurvedic Stores

Byrmal Street, Nandyal HO,
Nandyal - 518501
Phone: 9849078118
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