Economy of Nandyal

In the state of Andhra Pradesh, Nandyal is a major center for education, agriculture, wildlife, pilgrimage and has some of the most fertile land in Rayalaseema region, as it is surrounded by water on four sides. It is one of the industrial towns of importance as well as an agricultural area with a few pockets that are not suitable for the purpose of crop plantation. As the city is gaining popularity rapidly, it is a good site for making industries. The city is famous for its lentil crops and even export industry of Nandyal has been going on from a long time. It serves as a major commercial hub for industry and agriculture not for its own only, but also for the neighboring villages. Much of the Nandyal economy is sustained by people from the surrounding villages like Mahanandi, Gajulapalli, Yallur, Sirvel, Tamadapalle,Velgode etc., settling in the city to support the education of their children. Let us take a look at some of the major contributors in the economy of Nandyal.

Hospitality Industry of Nandyal

Nandyal, being a tourist place attracts the attention of the hospitality industry. Everyday opening of many hotels, bars and restaurants is the result of the same. Some of these are Rajdhani Bar and Restaurant, Annapurna Bar & Restaurant and Harsha Veg Restaurant.

Hospitality industrt in Nandyal

Export Industry of Nandyal

Nandyal is famous for its marble and granite production and it makes it a perfect export oriented destination.  Apart from these two Nandyal also exports Mangoes, Cement, Rice, Sugar, PVC pipes, Cotton, Oil and Ethanol. Nandi group is the major exporter of all the products in Nandyal. Its products include Nandi Pipes, Panyam cement, Nandi dairy, Naidu Group of Companies AP Dairy with "Milk Products Factory" of Vijaya brand Sugar Factory along with other Companies in different sector.

Companies in Nandyal

Agriculture Industry of Nandyal

Nandyal being the most fertile region in surrounding area is famous for its agriculture industry. Vegetables including Ridge Gourd, Indian Broad Beans, Chillies, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Cluster Beans and all types of leafy vegetables are grown here.  The vegetation of most famous Polur Brinjals has its native here.  The major crops cultivated here are Paddy, Jowar, Tobacco and cotton. Nandyal is known for its lentil crops. Groundnuts, Bengal gram, Sunflower, Mustard seeds and Sugar cane and Toor dal are also grown here. The soil of Nandyal is of mixed varieties making it suitable to grow many diiferent crops. The world famous variety of mangoes are also grown here. Bananas are the other famous crop of Nandyal but its productivity is declining gradually. The seed industry of Nandyal has been flourishing for 30 years. Commercial crops like Castor Seeds are also grown.  National Seed Corporation Ltd., situated at Noonepalli, Nandyal,  provides quality seeds for the farmers. The surrounding villages grow commercial crops like Rice, Jowar, Cotton and other crops.

Cement Industry of Nandyal

Nandyal is home to many big names in cement industry. The MP of Nandyal is S.P.Y Reddy have constructed many cement factories around Nandyal.  Some of the famous cement factories situated here are JSW cement, Panyam cement and JayaJyoti cement.

Booming e-commerce Industry of Nandyal

Nandyal is changing at a fast pace and the result can be seen in its retail outlets, shopping malls (e.g. C P Complex) and super markets (e.g. SPY Reddy Super Market).  The city has a booming economy and that reflects well in the shopping style of the Nandyal people as they favors e-commerce, e-ticketing and on-line shopping too. They prefer to avoid traffic lines and shop online for all of their needs now a day, which results in rapid growth of e-commerce industry in Nandyal.

Apart from the main industries discussed here, Nandyal is also rapidly developing in industries like Web Hosting Services and Software Development (Dot Domains Limited, a Cyan Software Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. Company) and Training Centers.

Nandyal Municiple Corporation has many plans to increase the development of Nandyal by widening its road as the roads in Nandyal are pretty narrow.
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