Emergency Services in Nandyal

The moment we hear the word emergency, a threatening sensation runs in our body and we just wish that everything is fine. Emergency is an unknown and unexpected situation which demands an immediate action. It can be a medical condition, crime, electricity issue, fire issue, earthquake or anything. Most of the people are not prepared to handle emergencies effectively. Although it is not a cumbersome task to be prepared for any kind of emergency, you only need to have few phone numbers and information ready with you in advance, but still most of the people avoid this little task until some emergency arrives in their life.

The most basic thing to know about handling emergency services efficiently is that, you can dial 100 and 112 from your mobile too in case of any threat to your life or property, or if you feel that someone needs help and also in case of accidents. And we should at least have the phone numbers of police station, hospital, electricity department, blood bank, nursing home, fire station of our neighborhood. Let us see that what kind of emergencies can appear in our life and how to handle them.

Ambulance Services in Nandyal

Ambulance service is definitely the most important emergency service of our life. We all need it at some time for our own or our loved ones to get the treatment at the earliest. Ambulance are used to carry the sick person to the hospital from the home. Most of the time when we are sick, we go to the hospital on our own, but there are times when one needs the help of ambulance, especially in the case of heart attack, where trained professionals can give first aid to the patient on the way to the hospital.Many hospitals including Santhiram General Hospital in Nandyal provide ambulance facility to the needy patients.

Fire Stations in Nandyal

Ambulance Services in Nandyal

Most of the newly built buildings have fire extinguishers and emergency exits for the safety of the people, but still sometimes these fires get out of the hand of initial treatment and spread at higher level. Those are the moments when we need to give a call to fire station people of the city. Here is the key information related to the fire station of Nandyal and some emergency contact numbers:

Contact Details of Nandyal Fire Station
G. Bala Raju, S.F.O.   
Fire Station Nandyal

Fire Control Room  Phone: 101
Emergency During Fire Accidents  Phone: 108
Police Control Room  Phone: 100
Office of District Fire Officer, Hyderabad  Phone: 23449222

Police Stations in Nandyal

Police station is a place where no one wants to go in their good times, but everyone approach them if anything goes wrong in their life. It can be a robbery, domestic violence, dowry harassment, sexual harassment, rape or even eve teasing. Even we need to visit police station for some smaller work such as passport verification or tenant verification. Nandyal police is responsible for the peacefulness of the city. They maintain law and order in all areas of the place. To maintain its status, there are two police stations and one traffic police station situated in Nandyal. Here are some of the emergency contact numbers of Nandyal police department.

Superintendent of Police, Kurnool
Phone: (08518) 225600

Blood Banks in Nandyal

Blood Banks in Nandyal

Now a days we see many voluntary organizations organizing blood donation camps at each and every place. It is a very kind act done by people for the people. If someone’s loved ones need blood at the moment, they can contact these organizations to get the desired blood group. Santhiram General Hospital Blood Bank of Nandyal fulfills this need of the people.

Santhiram General Hospital Blood Bank
Address: Balapanur Bazaar, Venkateswarapuram Road, Nandyal- 518501
Phone:  (08514) 222203,
Mobile:  9866308449
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