Entertainment in Nandyal

Life has become very hectic and full of stress now-a-days. People are working for long hours and transportation adds some hours in that as well making it more cumbersome. To get some relief from this stressful life everyone needs some kind of entertainment. An entertainment is an activity or work which can release work pressure and stress from our life. People can be entertained through movie, traveling, music, play, games, sports, food etc.

Nandyal is a famous tourist destination, which lures entertainment houses to the city. There is no lack for the way of entertainment in the city of Nandyal. Right from bars and pubs to shopping malls, movie theaters to restaurants, there is something to keep everyone entertained. Nandyal is undoubtedly identified as the center of entertainment and leisure not only for itself but also for the neighboring villages. So if you love trekking , watching movies, clubbing or just eating at a nice place with all your family, you are able to do each one of these in Nandyal.

Cinema Halls in Nandyal

One of the most popular entertainments in Nandyal includes the many cinema halls (theatres) in the city. There are eight cinema halls in the city including Ramanath Theater, Raj Theater, Sandy Theater, Sri Venkateswar Theater, Rani and Maharani Theater and Kalki Talkies. Some of these Cinema halls are located close to the restaurants, providing the total entertainment package for the whole day.

Shopping Malls in Nandyal

Nandyal is a great place for shopping. Starting from the cheap roadside things to branded items of shopping malls you will get more or less anything and everything in this city. Being an educational hub, shopping mall culture has been increasing day by day in Nandyal. SPY Reddy Super Market situated at Atmakur Road  is the favorite destination for shopping among the people of Nandyal.

Shopping malls in Nandyal

Restaurants in Nandyal

In earlier times people used to visit their relatives in their free times, but now a days rather than going to each other’s place everyone prefers to visit some restaurant and have a nice lunch or dinner over there. Life has become so hectic that most of the people avoid preparing food at home in their leisure time.  And this emerging trend is increasing the number of restaurants and caf? shops in each and every city. Nandyal is no exception to this. There are many restaurants available in the city to have food with your family and relatives. Some of these are as follows:

Hotel Seshi Residency
Sreenivasa Nagar Center,
Nandyal 518 501, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Tel: (91)(8514)222666/222667/222668
Fax: (91)(8514)240642

Hotel Bala
Sreenivasa Nagar Center,Nandyal 518501, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Hotel Chanakya
D.NO.25/1, Opp APSRTC Bust Stand, Nandyal 518 501, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Tel: (91) (8514) 244006/244007/244014

Hotel Tourist
Nandyal 518 501, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Tel: (91) (8514) 246494/97

Bars and Pubs in Nandyal

Nightlife in Nandyal

Bars and pubs are an essential part of our lifestyle now a days. The trend started from metro cities of India has now spread across the small cities and towns. Drinking culture is not an essential part of India, but now a days people love to go to bars just to spend some nice quality time with their family and friends over drink. These are becoming the favorite entertainment option among youngsters. Nandyal  has only two bars, which are as follows:

Rajadhani Bar & Restaurant
Opp Two Town Police Station, Nandyal HO, Nandyal - 518501

Annapurna Bar & Restaurant
Rs Road, Nandyal HO, Nandyal - 518501

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