Lifestyle in Nandyal

As Nandyal is growing more and more everyday lifestyle of the people here is becoming more modern and health conscious as opposed to its glory of being a religious city. Now a days, a lot of people of Nandyal are working in multinational software companies in Bangalore and Hyderabad which is the main reason behind the change of lifestyle of people of Nandyal.

Like every other booming economy change in the lifestyle of Nandyal people can be seen through its everyday opening of beauty parlors and spas, gyms and clubs.

Beauty Parlors and Spas in Nandyal

Beauty Parlour and Spas in Nandyal

Earlier beauty parlours and spas were the prudence of rich people but now a days it has become a necessity of each and every one at large and the main reason behind that is the polluted society we live in. Everyone is working now a days and at the end of the week or month everybody some kind of relaxation for their body and mind. These beauty parlours and spas provide that peace of mind to the society and hence become a necessity instead of extravagance.

Nandyal has many beauty parlours and spas located in some important places. Some of these are Shobas Banaras Rolling & Coloring Centre at Srinivas Nagar, Sowmya Beauty Clinic at Srinivas Nagar, SRI Siva Jyoti Beauty & Obecity Clinic at Sanjeev Nagar, Nagaraju Hair Styles at Sanjeev Nagar, Hardika Beauty Parlour Near Sumithra Hospital, Surekha Herbal Beauty Parlour at SBI Colony Road, Ambika Beauty Parlour & Aroma Clinic at Srinivas Nagar, Anoos Beauty Parlour at Sanjeeva Nagar and Anu Beauty Parlour at Balaji Complex among others.

Gyms in Nandyal

Gone are the days when only gyms and fitness centres are associated only with men Infact today, if you walk into any gym, you will find more women thean men. People in Nandyal too do not depend only on traditional methods to keep fit. They prefer going to gyms for regular workouts. Nandyal is home to many gymnasiums and some of them are Master Gym, Sye Gym and Body Line.

Yoga Centers in Nandyal

Yoga has always been a part of Indian culture, but now a days even people in west are following this tradition due to its great impact on human body. Some people do yoga for the peace of mind, while others, especially women do it for weighloss, which has become a major problem of this time due to changing eating habits and work environment.

Yoga Center in Nandyal

Nandyal lures not only its own resident, but also people from outside due to its renowned Yoga Chaitanya Kendra. It was founded in 1999 and later in 2001 became a branch of YCT (Yoga Consciousness Trust), a registered public charitable trust founded by a group of sadhakas trained by Yogacharya Raparthi Rama Raoji for the transmission of Anustana Yoga Vedanta in 1983.

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