Police Stations in Nandyal

Crime can take place in any shape including rape of a girl or women, robbery in someone’s house, road accident, murder, domestic violence etc. For all of these cases we need to go to police station and report a FIR (First Incident Report) at the first. So, it is impossible for us to survive without police station for even a single day in each and every city.

Police Station in Nandyal

Nandyal Police takes care of the law and order around the city. Nandyal is home to two police stations in the area. Both the police stations are located in different localities to serve all the people of Nandyal comfortably. Here is the key information related to Nandyal police stations:

One Town Police Station

Contact Details:
Gandhi Chowk, One Town, Nandyal- 518501
Phone:  (08514) 240251, (08514) 243033
Landmark:  Near Andhra Bank

Two Town Police Station

Contact Details:
Nagula Katta
Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh – 518501

Traffic Police Station in Nandyal

Now a days everybody owns a vehicle, whether it’s a car or motorbike or auto or a taxi and the numbers are increasing day by day. On the one hand it gives convenience to people to commute easily, but on the other hand it increases the problems of traffic police as it is hard to control such huge numbers of vehicle. Hence, arise the need of traffic police station to control any incidents happened on road. Nandyal also have a traffic police, which is responsible for handling traffic issues of the city. Let us look at the key information related to Nandyal Traffic Police Station:

Contact Details:
Nandyal Traffic Police Station
Atmakur Road, Telugu Peta
Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh - 518501
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