Shopping in Nandyal

Well there is no doubt in the fact that shopping for a woman is just like sports to men, they both won’t live happily without it irrespective of the hurdles and cost associated with it. But if we look at today’s world shopping is not limited to only women and men anymore, rather everyone be it a children, old age people or even animal..oh yessss they also do enjoy it, haven’t you seen tiny puppies with cute little sweaters on their back… and there is something always available in the market for each and every one of them. Nandyal is the place which fulfills the needs of each and every part of our society in terms of shopping places. Let us talk about some of them here.

Popular Shopping Places in Nandyal

Shopping in Nandyal

Every city has few shopping places which are popular among the locals and you can find all of the goods of your requirement at those places and sometimes there are specialized markets such as Chawdi Bazaar of New Delhi which is famous for its printing of wedding cards and sanitary fitting items, where you can find many shops of one particular item, Nandyal is no exception to this.
Main Bazaar of Nandyal is famous amongst locals as the most famous place for shopping.  You can find anything and everything here including Restaurants, Courier shop, Fruits and vegetables shops, Bakery, Photographer and especially Jewellery. Byrmal Street and Srinivasa Compex are other such places and are close to Main Bazaar itself.

Things to buy in Nandyal

Every place has its own specialties for example Milan is famous for its fashion world, Mumbai is famous for its Bhel Puri and Mathura is famous for its brown Peda (sweet made of khoya). Similarly Nandyal has its own specialties. Let us have a look on them:

Religious Items

 Nandyal has good number of shops selling religious goods. Idols of Lord Shiva and Nandi, Audio CD of Mantras and Shlokas, different types of incense sticks and holy books are all available in the shops of Nandyal.


Handicrafts and antiques are other famous items amongst tourists to shop here. Many wholesalers from all around India, especially Jodhpur sell their items to the retailers of Nandyal, who then sells these items to the tourists eventually. Literature books are another common buys among tourists.

Jewellery Shopping in Nandyal

Just like any other religious place, Nandyal is full of jewellery shops. All the women and men purchase jewellery for different occasions; some of them want to dedicate their love to god by offering a piece of gold in temples while some of them simply like to gift the same to their loved ones and some of them just purchase for themselves. Jewellery shops are located at all shopping places in Nandyal and some of them are Bhavanasi Jewellers located at Kalpana Centre, Baba Jewellers at Main Bazaar, Gajula Yerraiah Jewellers at Main Road, K Govinda Rajula Jewellers at Gandhi Chowk, Sri SAI Ram Jewellers at Gandhi Chowk, Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Jewellers at Main Bazaar and Eswaraiah Jewellers at Main Road.

Shopping Complexes in Nandyal

 “The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out with only a loaf of bread are three billion to one.” ? Erma Bombeck

The above quote seems so true in today’s world of super markets and hyper markets. You will find entire city in these places at the weekend now a days. A visit to these supermarkets has become a part of our everyday life and it is no longer a choice but a necessity to visit these places every now and then for all of our requirements being it a small one or big one.

Shopping Complexes in Nandyal

SPY Reddy Super Market is the most famous shopping complex of Nandyal. The place offers everything for everyone’s need. The mall is located at Atmakur Road in Nandyal. Mr. S. P. Y. Reddy is the founder and chairman of Nandi Group.  There are many places to eat around the mall and the mall is surrounded by many theaters including Prathap and Mini Prathap Theater and Sandhya Theater, making it the most famous destination among locals for full entertainment on weekends.

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